Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Eighth Day of Class

Today we started out by putting our name into a google search. Now that my married name is a common last name, there were a ton of results found from this search, though I did not find myself on there. A few years ago, my first graduate professor had us do this activity but in a slightly different way. On the first day of classes, she put all of our names in a hat and we drew out a name. Not knowing anyone in the class, we then were asked to google the name that we got and create a brief biography of them. Lastly, we presented what we had found on the person we drew, and we were provided with many laughs as the person later told us what pieces of information (if any at all) were actually about them. It really was a fun ice breaker and showed us just how much stuff might be on the internet about "us", though I would not suggest it for elementary or secondary school since who knows what might be found!

On an unrelated topic, I loved the rapid fire piece on Inspiration, as it would be a great way to chart brainstorming in class.


Nancy said...

I have used the rapid fire before and it is a good tool fro brainstorming.
I liked the ice breaker your professor used. I may keep that in my bag of tricks.
It has been nice getting to know uou during this class. I know this has been a difficult time for you with your grandmother passing away and the addition of so many classes to finish. I know you will get through this all. Hang in there.

Rachel said...

Nicole, can you post the name of the speaker that came to your school to educate your students about internet use? I'd like to run the possibility of having him come to our school by the principal. Thanks, Rachel