Monday, July 16, 2007

Sixth Day of Class

I really was able to learn alot of great things from all six of the PowerPoint presentations today. One topic in particular, digital storytelling, was completely new to me. Cindy did an excellent job with her presentation, and I can see how students would get totally wrapped up in digital storying telling. However, I wonder how I could use it with my 10th and 11th grade math students. I was thinking as a means to discuss mathematicians or applications of a mathematical concept. Does anyone else have any ideas?


Nancy said...

I was thinking that your students could make an ABC digital storybook with each letter of the alphabet have something to do with a math term they are learning about that year. Just a thought.

Nancy said...

Thanks for your posts to my blog. After I talked, I thought of another disadvantage of the iCommunicator in classes. How dos it work when other students aret alking rather that just the teacher? Does the teacher have to repeat everything else that would be said in the class? I would really like to see a live demonstration in a classroom.

Janet said...

I'm not sure I have any original ideas, Nicole, for using digital storytelling with high school math students. A couple of suggestions might be to have students research a famous mathematician or create a story about a concept they are studying. Sometimes storytelling can be a good connection between two content areas also. Now that you know about digital story telling, you may think of ways that it fits naturally in your classroom.

Rachel said...

Perhaps your students can work through complex problems through digital story telling. Each page containing a step of the problem, the written work, and verbally they can emplain what they are thinking as well has how the work was done. This might help students with later review and understanding not only the content but their thought process as well.

Gwinyeo Kwak said...


I am so glad that you had an idea through my presentation. I really like Nancy's idea about ABC digital storybook with math term. I'm sure they will really like it, just like me.

I also really liked your presentation. I've never heard SENTEO before. It seems that it doesn't need to be special computer skills. Thanks for your information.