Monday, July 9, 2007

First Day of Class

Good morning everybody,
This is my first experience with using Blogs, so please bear with me. Although I'm quite anxious about many of the activities that we will be taking part in this week due to my inexperience, I am also excited because of the benefits I will be able to reap within my classroom at the completion of this course.
With two other intensive online graduate courses through SUNY Albany that span from May 28th to August 17th, my summer has been all about coursework. My husband and I have planned a trip to Hawaii at the end of summer with my parents and his parents. None of us have ever been there, so when I saw the following article on CNN I was immediately interested.

This article talks about how expensive it can be to stay at hotels in Hawaii. With many options such as bed and breakfasts or timeshares, visitors can save some money so as to spend it on more adventurous activities such as surfing or hiking amidst the many waterfalls that are present on the islands.


Rachel said...

A vacation to Hawaii sounds perfect right now! I've got a lot to learn. I hope you have a great time, safe travels. Rachel

Nancy said...

A trip to Hawaii sounds like a great reward to a summer of studying. My neice is living in Hawaii and teaching for a year. She gets many discounts as a resident so when family visits they can get a hotel discount. Humm, maybe I sould beging thinking of a vacation:)

Anne said...

Dear Nicole,
I just got married in August... actually it's almost a year ago now, wow! Anyway, my husband and I went to Hawaii (oahu). We loved it! The beaches were great! If you don't like the beach the city is nice too, there is a lot to do and it's clean too. We spent a week in each part of the island becuase we weren't sure what there was to do and what we would like to do.
I have pictures. If you'd like to see them I can bring some in for you to take a look :)

Janet said...

I was pleased to read that you were excited to learn new ways to use education in technology. I'm looking forward to hearing more about what you plan to to with technology in the future.