Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Third Day of Class

Today we began to work on our WebQuests, which I really can foresee my students liking this different type of lesson as it gives them an opportunity to go at their own pace. It also would be a great break for them from typical math lessons that focus on performing calculations to problems. In order to help me get my mind around the purpose of a WebQuest as well as how I could use it for my content in math, I found one of the listed links in our course information to be of great help.

This site not only has examples of WebQuests categorized by content area, but it also has them listed according to the appropriate grade level. I recommend this site, so if you get some time (not like you have anything else to do...right!) take a look at some of the WebQuests from your content area.

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Nancy said...

thanks for the link. i found it very helpful to see WebQuest examples.